BTCIL, I want to see you go private

As an admin in BTCIL, I spend a decent amount of time thinking about the group meta. Regardless of personal interests and/or ambiguity of certain policies made by the admins, I have been thinking lately that the group has become quite large – at least for a small group of volunteers of maintainers. We all know that Facebook’s groups platform (and pages platform for that matter) is absolutely horrendous.

However, I find it an interesting thought experiment to consider BTCIL as a private entity (not necessarily “for profit” per se), and see what kind of models the combination of Facebook and Bitcoin can bring about. We have definitely seen frictionless money moved around the group in varying forms, as well as partnerships with no money involved at all.

I would gladly give up adminship (or any rights to the group) to see another model of the 21st century built around a Facebook group discussing disruptive technology.

One thought on “BTCIL, I want to see you go private

  1. Having said that, I do realize this may mean that the Israeli community will no longer have any “public” virtual meetups unless a serious alternative arises.

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